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The Drive Workshop Company was founded in 2012. It was formed as Daniel Pink felt there was a need to translate his New York Best Selling Book Drive into a practical, hands on workshop.  Daniel collaborated with colleagues from all parts of the world to bring you the ultimate guide to workplace motivation and engagement.

Our Values

We believe that keeping our clients informed is essential which is why we place communication at the top of our list.

We have built a reputation as the training organization for discerning organizations.

Our skill is working with world thought leaders in business and how to best provide solutions for your organization

Our longevity is testimony to the experience we have in every kind of market environment and countries around the world.

Our knowledge is unrivaled our teams are headed by experts with many years’ experience.

Best people
We work with the best people and retain our best people and nurture our rising stars.

Our research is detailed, respected, and widely reported.

We understand that training is a worthwhile and large investment so we do our best to make it happen efficiently.

Working with the world’s business thought leaders, we are trusted by organizations throughout the world. This trust is something we don’t take lightly and we work tirelessly to earn.

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