what we offer

What We offer

We offer you the opportunity and means to create a motivated and engaged employee and organization.

Based on the research of award winning author Daniel H. Pink participants will be introduced to surprising truths about intrinsic motivation which will enhance performance and engagement in the workplace.

In a world where people are doing more with less this is the ultimate workshop for people in your organization.

We offer decades of research that demonstrate people tend to do their best work when motivated by a feeling of autonomy, a desire for mastery, and a sense of purpose.

Our products include:

  • Workshops
  • Facilitation Training
  • Customized Training
  • Government Solutions
  • Distribution opportunities

The Argument for Motivation and Engagement

Look at the research from Gallup on Employee Engagement

It shows that there are more than 50% of people not engaged in work around the world. It shows that 20% of people are ACTIVELY, that is right, ACTIVELY not engaged.
We have a problem.
A major problem. In the USA alone this is costing over $370 billion dollars per year.
In Australia it is over $30 billion per year.
In New Zealand it is $4 billion per year.
In United Kingdom it is &#163 65 billion per year

Gallup Employee Engagement Index

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