Want to become an expert trainer in your organization?

The benefits in terms of return on investment, engagement and intrinsic motivation are extraordinary.

The Drive Workshop™ takes a fresh and enlightening attitude to Daniel H. Pink’s bestselling book and translates it into a powerful tool for creating personal and business transformation.
Drive Workshop™ has been designed so that corporate trainers can immediately pass on the benefits of this program to its employees and organization.

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Corporate trainers have access to:

  • Professional materials from an internationally renowned author and world authority on the changing world of work.
  • A global process which creates enhanced levels of self motivated people
  • No development costs with minimal initial commitment to develop training capability
  • Cost effective training compared to public programs ( a significant saving from public programs )
  • Experiential and interactive training that is practical
  • Workshops can be conducted at times and locations suited to the organization
  • Workshops are simple to launch and implement with all the materials readily accessible to you
  • Consistent training and content is delivered across the organization increasing performance levels and engagement
  • Ongoing support is provided and trainers become part of a global network

What you will achieve from Train the Trainer

  • Create extraordinary autonomy, mastery and purpose in the workplace
  • Identify the things that motivate people in the workplace and put them into action
  • Learn what science knows and businesses don’t do and how to rectify this
  • Understand the three human drives including intrinsic motivation
  • Learn why rewards do not work and the special circumstances when they do and how to rectify this
  • Know the three incompatibility problems with organizations
  • How to build a purpose maximizer organization and why it’s important for your organization
  • Learn how to improve performance and employee engagement
  • Understand the importance of setting learning goals rather than just performance targets
  • Identify why management structures don’t support people’s motivation
  • Develop strategies for instilling a new culture of performance and motivation
  • Facilitate workshops to accelerate motivation within the workplace

“Throughout my athletics career, the overall goal was always to be a better athlete than I was at that moment – whether next week, next month or next year.
The improvement was the goal. The medal was simply the ultimate reward for achieving the goal.”

Sebastian Coe
Middle Distance runner and two time Olympic gold medal winner

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