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One Day Workshops & Train the Trainer

Further 2014 dates coming soon.
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One Day Workshops & Train the Trainer

Further 2014 dates coming soon.
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One Day Workshop and Train the Trainer

Two Day Workshop – Boston Cambridge
29th April 2014 and 30th April 2014

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Two Day Workshop – San Francisco
12th June 2014 and 13th June 2014

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One Day Workshops & Train the Trainer

Two Day Workshop – Santorini – Greece
23rd May 2014 and 24th May 2014


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CIPD – One Day Workshops
United Kingdom

2nd June 2014 – Birmingham
3rd June 2014 – London
9th July 2014 – London
12th August 2014 – Edinburgh
14th August 2014 – London
17th September 2014 – London
6th October 2014 – London
2nd December 2014 – London
19th December 2014 – Cardiff

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One Day Workshops & Train the Trainer

2014 dates coming soon.
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Map Canada

One Day Workshop

21st May 2014 – Toronto, Canada
22nd May 2014 – Calgary, Alberta
19th June 2014, Calgary Alberta

Train the Trainer

21st May, 22nd May, 23rd May 2014 – Toronto, Canada


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Learn the surprising truth about what motivates us

  1. Autonomy – The desire to direct our lives
  2. Mastery – The urge to get better and better at something that matters
  3. Purpose – The yearning to do what we do in service of something larger than ourselves:

Workshop Process

Participants work in teams and learn the intrinsic motivation model backwards and forwards. Teams create presentations that show the links between the three essential elements of intrinsic motivation that are illustrate with exceptional examples. The process starts with pre-work. This includes reading the book and completing an online assignment that enables participants to consider their own motivations and those within their organization. The importance of this step cannot be overstated. The workshop experience involves individual reflection, group processing, and individual and team-based decision making. Because of the strong impact of visual stimuli in helping the brain to process and remember concepts and ideas, graphic representations are emphasized both in classroom décor, and while envisioning the motivation required. Next, participants view a macro-level exploration of motivation and how it affects their organization. From this vantage point, the need to embrace and lead culture change on intrinsic motivation is reinforced. Finally, macro level changes are demonstrated to contribute to a need for culture change at all levels within the organization. With a need for change at all levels (individual, team and organization, the context is set for developing leaders at all levels. The workshop is designed to capture the essence of motivation and employee engagement in an exciting and practical manner that is enlightening and will change the way your organization operates immediately. The potential of higher levels of engagement, motivation, innovation, change, and reduced turnover is amazing. Three Elements of Motivation

Workshop Audience

If you work in an organization, lead a team, own or run a business, are a marketer, communicator, sales professional, or other business leaders who is interested in understanding new and better ways to motivate people, then this seminar is perfect for you. Perfect for HR professionals, public servants, business managers, technical professionals and people at all levels of an organization. This workshop is also excellent for educators or anyone wanting to improve their careers, their motivation on the job and the ability to work on something truly meaningful to you. Don’t delay book now as each workshop has restricted numbers to maximize the learning. Drive BrochureDownload New Zealand Drive BrochureDownload USA Drive Brochure Download UK Drive Brochure